Cyber Security using a Unified Threat Management approach

So what is Unified Threat Management (UTM)?


It’s really about simplifying information-security management.


Instead of managing numerous and disparate devices from numerous vendors, UTM lets you consolidate and manage everything on one platform with one set of policies and logs to adjust. This is critical in reducing the response time to threats, responding to incidents, and creating consistent security policies that are easy to apply across the network.

We provide hardware and services featuring multiple and essential proven security techniques to keep your network and data safe. Using multi-layered next-generation UTM, we increase security awareness and reduce risk exposure from advanced cyber-crime, malicious software and insider threats, providing end-to-end security across your entire network, not just individual devices.


Every day, we access immense amounts of data from over 65,000 different member sources in over 140 countries resulting in over 14 million threat indicators daily. This gives us a unique insight into cyber-crime, exploits, and dangers - all in real-time.


The UTM Platform we provide is updated 4 times daily to ensure your network is safeguarded and aware of the exploits before they hit. This also allows to significantly reduce response time from an average of 6-12 days to just a matter of hours.


Built into the UTM Platform, as part of the core system we provide, are compliance features that let small and medium-sized businesses manage their security needs and meet compliance requirements straight our of the box.

We make protecting your business powerful and simple at the same time. With access to your UTM Dashboard giving you a single pane of glass to view your entire security infrastructure and analyse/defend against threats. The managed security incident event management and simplified policy control system lets you set policies across multiple layers of the network for filtering traffic.

Historically, it has been challenging for businesses to implement proper security programs. Utilising our capabilities within your network drives a reduction in costs and reducing those all too real risks. Most importantly, you have a very positive message for your business.  That is, all sensitive data is in safe hands and will never be exploited.

If you don't have the security expertise, we can provide it for you saving cost on resources and getting you setup and secure quickly.